3/4 Of Americans Think Marijuana Will Become Legal!

As you can see this is a pretty pro leaning article about the way most Americans feel about the legalization of marijuana. I think this is a trend similar to to Alcohol prohibition back in the roaring 20′s.  With Colorado creating a windfall of Tax revenue and Washington soon to follow, I think we will see more and more cash strapped states turn towards legalization to help balance their budget.  What are your thoughts on the matter? How long do you think before weed is legal?

DENVER (AP) — Nationwide marijuana legalization seems inevitable to three-fourths of Americans, whether they support it or not, according to a new poll out Wednesday.

The Pew Research Center survey on the nation’s shifting attitudes about drug policy also showed increased support for moving away from mandatory sentences for non-violent drug offenders.

The telephone survey found that 75 percent of respondents — including majorities of both supporters and opponents of legal marijuana— think that the sale and use of pot eventually will be legal nationwide. It was the first time that question had been asked.

Some 39 percent of respondents said pot should be legal for personal adult use. Forty-four percent of those surveyed said it should be legal only for medicinal use. Just 16 percent said it should not be legal at all.

The responses come as two states have legalized recreational marijuana, with more than 20 states and Washington, D.C., allowing some medical use of the drug.

“It’s just a matter of time before it’s in more states,” said Steve Pratley of Denver, a 51-year-old pipefitter who voted for legalization in Colorado in 2012.

Pratley, who did not participate in the Pew survey, agreed with 76 percent of respondents who said people who use small amounts of marijuana shouldn’t go to jail.

“If marijuana isn’t legalized, it fills up the jails, and that’s just stupid,” Pratley said.

Legalization opponents, however, drew a distinction between making pot legal for all and thinking that pot users belong in jail.

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“It’s an illegal drug, period. I don’t see it spreading,” said Laura Sanchez, a 55-year-old retiree in Denver who voted against legalization. She agreed that pot smokers don’t belong in jail, but she disagreed with legalization.

“I’ve seen no proof that it’s good for anybody,” said Sanchez, who also did not participate in the survey.

The poll suggested that despite shifting attitudes on legalization, the public remains concerned about drug abuse, with 32 percent of those surveyed calling it a crisis and 55 percent of respondents viewing it as a serious national problem.

And a narrow majority, 54 percent, said marijuana legalization would lead to more underage people trying it.

As for mandatory minimum sentences, public attitudes have been shifting for years.

In 2001, the survey was about evenly divided on whether it was a good thing or bad thing for states to move away from mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders. In 2014, poll respondents favored the move by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, or 63 percent to 32 percent. The other 5 percent either didn’t respond or said they didn’t know.

Public officials are well aware of the public’s shifting attitudes on drug penalties.

Just last month, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder testified in support of proposed sentence reductions for some non-violent drug traffickers in an effort to reserve the “the harshest penalties for the most serious drug offenders.”

“Certain types of cases result in too many Americans going to prison for too long, and at times for no truly good public safety reason,” Holder said last month at the U.S. Sentencing Commission.

Drug legalization activists said the Pew results come as no surprise.

“We see a growing bipartisan recognition that mandatory minimums went too far and did more harm than good,” said Ethan Nadelmann, head of the New York-based Drug Policy Alliance, which opposes criminal penalties for non-violent drug users.

Marijuana legalization opponents saw signs of hope in the survey, too.

Kevin Sabet, co-founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, which opposes pot legalization, pointed to the fact that 63 percent said it would bother them if people used marijuana openly in their neighborhood.

“Saying that we don’t want people to serve prison time for marijuana is very different from saying I want a pot shop in my neighborhood selling marijuana cookies and candies and putting coupons in the paper,” Sabet said.

The poll of 1,821 adults was conducted Feb. 14-23. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.6 percentage points.




A Guide to Use in Buying the Best AR15 Kits

7778452276_0685d76be7_bCustomizable feature makes the AR15 rifle better than any other guns available in the market. The owners of these guns are enjoying so much, especially when they are assembling the lower and upper parts provided with the AR15 kits composing all the necessary accessories to be used. If you are just new in customizing an AR15 gun, you should provide yourself with the complete AR15 components so you could explore more on assembling this rifle. The steps in assembling could be sourced out from the Internet; however, you need to provide yourself first the important accessories. This article would help you by giving you tips on how you should get the best AR15 kits from reliable manufacturers.

The good thing is that you can get these materials from online and offline source. The first thing to take note is that you should check the quality of AR15 parts kits that have been offered to you by sellers. If you are more concerned about branding, you can get those high quality ones if you trust the brand that is printed on the AR15 kits. Second, you need to be sure that you are purchasing from a reliable seller. In choosing the company that sells AR15 kits, make it certain that they offer warranties on all the products they offer. Just like when you purchase AR15 lower components, with warranty, you can feel safer in buying the accessories.

There are many components of AR15 kits and you should be detail specific in purchasing each accessory. Before picking the AR15 barrels make sure that they have the standard fit, bolts are intact, and the metals are not rusty. It is important that all the bolts use of the entire structure of the gun is tested with high pressure. If you have known a gun expert in your community, you can get suggestions or buying advice. Asking the manufacturers about the materials their products are made of is important, especially when you buy the stripper lower components. Get those components that are portable and you could easily personalize. You can get something with specialized materials to get a high quality gun.

Actually, it depends on your preference on what type of gun that you would like to assemble and you can explore more about this rifle if you have the complete AR15 kits. If you wish to get an M4 or M16 in your assemblage plan, just prepare the necessary components and could already get your new assembled gun in an instant. You can explore more about many things you can do in terms of assembling an AR15 and you can get the tips of these from online sources or the gun expert you know who might have special skills to give you a new structure of an AR15 gun. Just bear in mind that whatever you do in your assembling procedure, always be reminded of the safety precautions. The last thing you should never forget is that you should be warned of those manufacturers that would just persuade you. Do not be their victim by making sure that you are buying the best quality of the AR15 kits available in the market.


Houston Locksmiths: A Blessing during Emergency Lockouts

Each family has a different concern of their own, but most have the similar instinct to protect their residential properties and their families living in it. Safety is indeed a main concern, and the locksmith can provide additional security for residential areas. Aside from being a big help in residential communities, a locksmith can also secure offices or commercial establishments.

A residential Houston Tx locksmith is helpful during emergency situations like locking yourself out of the house without a key to let you in. These experts can open the lock without the original keys and secure it again. It is advisable for residents to keep the contact numbers of such professionals in case the emergency lockout happens again. If the accident happens at night, you can still contact an emergency locksmith because some companies have a 24 hour locksmith to provide lock-and-key assistance any time.

Business offices also need security to protect documents and the things kept in the office. If you want to maximize the safety in the commercial or corporate building, contact a commercial locksmith who can provide the best lock-and-key services. They can assist you in setting a unique locking system to secure the office indoors and lessen the cases of break-ins in the area. In addition, they can check the different entrances and exits such as the fire escape and windows of the building to secure them as well. They can also offer services such as Houston  door lock replacement, lock repair and rekeying of electronic locks. However, companies and families should always double check the locksmith companies they hire to ensure that they are reliable, professional and trustworthy.

It would be a relief to automobile owners, knowing that there is also a car locksmith to help them during tight spots. Sometimes, the car automatically locks due to faulty auto systems; thus, car owners need lock assistance and even rekeying. With the tools and specialized knowledge of an auto locksmith, they would be able to reprogram the faulty lock system of the car. While contacting the locksmith company, make sure to tell the details clearly so they can send the right person to fix your lock-and-key dilemmas.

If you want to secure the house or office, most companies would recommend a master key system so family members or employees do not need to bring many keys for different entrances. An electronic lock system is also a good alternative; however, these can be too costly to manage. If you are still trying to decide, you can contact a 24 hr locksmith customer service to know more about the available lock-and-key systems.

If you need basic services like key cutting and lock repairs, the locksmiths would also take the job. They are flexible in their profession, thanks to numerous technical trainings. They are trusted to assist citizens, even at night. See to it that the members of the family or employees have their contact numbers to ask for assistance during lock-and-key emergencies. No matter where they are, locksmiths in Houston will come to the rescue.

High Skills of the Katy Plumbers

MET Plumbing KatyIn the big state of Texas, homeowners are so in need of plumbing contractors for home improvement purposes. People are always on a hectic schedule that they could not do things on their own, especially those jobs involving the repair of their piping system. In the traditional way, men are expected to do all the home improvement stuff. Women, on the other hand is expected to do the household chores. However, as the demand to work increased, both men and women are not doing their own specific jobs, and not finding any time to do some plumbing works. This is the reason why they tend to hire companies that could provide those reliable workers to do repairs, installing, and all other home improvement systems.

In Texas, Katy plumbers are the most trusted ones. Many homeowners have already proved the works of these Katy plumbers for many long years. Their skills have been recognized as one of the top plumbing expertise known in the big state of Texas. A Katy plumber could execute unique plumbing procedures, which are very helpful for families in maintaining organization and sanitation in their homes. Most of the services of the Katy plumbers are targeting the residential plumbing Katy area. Since most of the homeowners are very busy with their day jobs, Katy plumbers offer their services to take charge all plumbing needs. Installation, repair, and manufacturing the needed pipes are the priorities of Katy plumbers. Leaks are very dangerous for the health of family members. This is the reason why Katy plumbers are making sure that they could lock up any leaks to avoid any health threatening conditions and improve sanitation at home. The Katy plumbers make it sure to get an updated inspection of their sewer system.

Not only homeowners, but the Katy plumbers also offer commercial plumbing Katy services. Since business premises have more complex piping facilities than a single home, they give all their best to provide high quality piping system. Especially in repairing the installed pipes, they usually ask for the design of the piping system to make things easier. Most companies that hire Katy plumbers ask for maintenance of their works to ensure that no leaking problems would occur. Most of the clients of these plumbers include hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and more other business establishments.


These Katy plumbers have excellent skills because of the trainings and workshops they have undergone before getting the jobs. Plumbing companies make it sure that they equip their workers with the necessary advanced skills in order to develop their potentials. Aside from the installation, repair, and manufacturing, these Katy plumbers also offer consultations for those who would be needed, their expertise in inspecting the piping system if improvements are necessary. All their jobs could be very complicated and would require enough time in order to finish those heavy jobs, yet they are confident that they could address any piping problems because of the years of experience they have earned in the plumbing industry.

Katy Air Conditioning Repair: A Need among Families

www.hccservices.netIn the United States, families lived their life with the comfort of heaters and air conditioning units. As a progressive country, citizens can access such simple luxuries in life. With the summer and winter seasons, families truly need these technologies to keep the temperature stable for the rest of the year. Katy Air conditioning units are better than industrial fans in providing the much-needed cool during the hot seasons. During the winter, Katy heating units are also useful in helping families wash the dishes or take baths amidst the chilly weather. Temperature should be regulated so that the family will be comfortable and productive the whole year round.

However, technologies such as Katy Tx air conditioning units and heating Katy systems do not guarantee that they will work forever without a few hitches. Air conditioning Katy units might break down due to different factors, thus, they cannot provide the same comfort like they do in the past. Broken units can also lead to a few inconveniences. During the hot summer, people are likely to spend their days somewhere else just to escape the heat at home. It can lead to more spending and less bonding time among family members. Also, temperature can affect productivity. Without availing the best Katy air conditioning repair services, kids might not be able to do their homework due to the distracting heat. Parents won’t enjoy relaxation and peace, since they are too troubled about the heat and the complaints of their children.

Families should not panic because there are Katy air conditioning repair companies nearby to fix broken units. Katy air conditioning repair companies provide top quality Katy air conditioner repair services at reasonable rates. They also sell replacement parts to lessen the hassle of choosing among the options in the supermarket. Katy air conditioning repair companies are focused on installation, maintenance and repair services that are needed to ensure the efficiency of air conditioning units and the safety of the people in the property. According to Katy air conditioning repair companies, broken units can cause explosions that might lead to fire. Katy air conditioning repair companies will make sure that every unit is inspected and repaired, if necessary, to ensure a safe environment for their clients.

Katy air conditioning repair companies only hire experienced professionals to deliver installation and repair services. The workers attend seminars and trainings to improve their technical knowledge and techniques in delivering top quality Katy air conditioning repair services. They make sure to schedule inspections for monthly or yearly maintenance to ensure that all units are working at their best state.  http://www.hccservices.net

Families will appreciate Katy air conditioning repair services because they would no longer experience discomfort and inconvenience in the coming months. With the help of a Katy air conditioning repair company, they can avoid the dirty work and focus on more important things in their life. Katy air conditioning repair services truly exceed the expectations of clients, and have been available in other parts of Texas to accommodate more communities in the sunshine state.

Plumber Marketing: The Power of Word of Mouth Advertising

marketing.plumber-pros.netIt is universal knowledge that talk is powerful and cheap. For many years, people have communicated through speech. Personal communication is considered to be influential and the most powerful of all types of social interactions. In advertising, word of mouth advertising is commonly used to spread the word about brands, campaigns, products and services. It is deemed efficient in doing so, thereby convincing most marketers that personal communication can be persuasive enough to attract consumers in the long run.

In the plumbing industry, many plumbers rely on contractor marketing to secure them jobs. Competition does not cease to exist, thus, their only way to survive is to put themselves out in the market. Individual contractors also have big plumbing companies to compete with, lessening their chances of getting more clients daily. Individual plumbers should not worry because they can still plan a good plumber marketing that will suit their budget. They don’t need to air TV commercials or print thousands of flyers to get plumbing leads. Those plumber marketing techniques are too expensive and might be a financial liability than an asset. Instead, they should focus on marketing for plumbers that prioritize value and trust among clients.

One of the best plumber marketing methods is the word of mouth advertising. By definition, word of mouth advertising is a type of marketing strategy that relies on the power of speech to announce and share the stories of brands, products and services. Plumbers can use this type of plumber marketing to spread the work about their existence and their services. It is also cost-efficient since plumbers don’t need to have a capital in order to make plumber marketing a success.  http://marketing.plumber-pros.net

For this type of plumber marketing, plumbers should pay attention to their client’s needs. Basically, they would be offering their services to those who knew them first –their warm market. They can approach family, friends and neighbors and work for them at the start. They should be able to impress their clients and earn their trust so that the clients would refer them to other people. This is exactly when the word of mouth advertising starts. Establish rapport with clients and tell them that their referrals would be a big help to your plumbing business. If you can spare money, make calling cards so your clients can give them to others. Calling cards area great addition to your plumber marketing, and help clients contact you anytime.

Another strategy for word of mouth plumber marketing is to go out and meet people. Personal communication is the key to earn the public’s trust, thus, don’t forget to be courteous and helpful. Start with a single question – Do you need help with your plumbing? It may sound casual, but it works. Plumber marketing can be as simple as making friends.  http://marketing.plumber-pros.net/plumber-marketing

Plumber marketing should not be hard to do if you have the necessary people skills to hype up your services. Make sure to do your job with a smile so clients would never forget how they have hired a cheerful plumber who had done a job excellently.